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SMS Gateway API Text Origins google play

#1. Download The App From Android Play Store!

You can download Text Origin's SMS API completely for free from the Play Store and get your hand on all the services for the least price in the market! Through the app you can communicate with all your customers when and where needed!

SMS Gateway API Text Origins google play

#2. Request A SMS Gateway Account

You can request the brand / company name to send your SMS through the Text Origins SMS API Gateway Mobile App or on our website here! And then enjoy the countless benefits with our Advanced Dashboard and monitor the real-time analytics and see for yourself how well your business is performing!

#3. Read The Documentation

Read our documentation to have a complete understanding on the services provided and the steps to integrate our API with your website and expand your business!


Let's Start Integrating!

API Request

Request Endpoint

Request Parameters
srctrueYour Compant/ Brand Name
emailtrueYour registered Email Address
pwdtrueEncrypted password
msgtrueThe message you want to send
dsttrueRecipient's Telephone Number

Request Example

A GET request with the details are sent in the path

   "GET": "
          src = {mask}&;
           email = {user_email}&;
           pwd = {password}&;
           msg = {message}&;
           dst = {phone_number}"

PHP Code Example

A sample PHP code to send the message

   include "class/textorigin.php";
   $obj = new SendSMS([ 'src' => 'Brand / Company Name',
           'email' => '',
          'pwd' => '**********',
           'msg' => 'Test Message!!!',
           'dst' => '07********'
    echo $obj-> send();

AJAX Request

A sample AJAX Request

$. ajax ({
         type: "GET",
         async: false,
         crossDomain: true,
         dataType: 'json',
         contentType: "text/html",
         url: "",
         data: {
                'src': 'Text Origins;',
                'email': '****',
                'pwd': '**********',
                'msg': 'Test Message',
                'dst': '07********'
         }, success: function ( response) {
          }, error: function (response) {
          }, complete: function (response) {                console.log(response);

Response Code

Message Successfully Sent

Successful Response
A successful response is received once the message is sent
Response Code: 1601

   "status":"1601","message":"SMS Sent Successfully"

Invalid Credentials

Invalid Login Credentials
Error code sent when invalid user login credentials are given
Response Code: 1602

   "status":"1602","message":"Unknown user credentials"

Recharge your Account

No Credit in Account
Error code sent when you run out of credit
Response Code: 1603

   "status":"1603","message":"Please recharge your account"

Invalid Number

Invalid Phone Number
Error code sent when you enter an invalid phone number
Response Code: 1604

   "status":"1604","message":"Invalid Phone number"

Data not Saved

Error When saving
Error code sent when saving the SMS into the database fails
Response Code: 1605

  "status":"1605","message":"Error occurred while sms save into database"